Dental Implant FAQs to Calm Your Fears

Just when you thought you’d overcome your dentist apprehension, you hear the words “implants” and cringe. Good News! It won’t stay this way. Thanks to these easy-to-understand dental implant FAQs from Paris Mountain Dental, you’ll soon see how fewer unknowns can calm your fears.


What is a Dental Implant?

As an alternative to dentures, dental implants serve as artificial roots for your replacement tooth. As the restoration process continues, Dr. Binju Ghimire will place a crown over your implant so it feels and looks like a natural tooth. Thanks to precise, professional dentistry, the implant will match the look of your other teeth.

What Does an Implant Do?

Dental implants fill gaps in your teeth while maintaining the shape of your face. Not only do dental implants restore the smile you’ve missed, they also support your cheeks and lips while preventing bone loss in your jaw.

Will it Hurt?

It shouldn’t. Paris Mountain Dentist is a practice which prides itself on compassion driven excellence. With procedures such as implant placement, our team keeps very aware of patient comfort. Rest assured, the area will be properly anesthetized so you are not in pain.

Are Dental Implants Hard to Maintain?

Absolutely not. With regular appointments at our office and proper care for your teeth and gums, the implants can last a lifetime! In fact, you just take care of the implant the way all your other teeth. Brush, floss, and keep your surrounding gums healthy.

Are you still not too sure how you feel about the process? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you as we help to calm your fears.