Fixing Bad Breath

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We all occasionally have bad breath – especially after eating foods full of onion and garlic. For most of us, it’s a temporary annoyance fixed by brushing our teeth, using mouthwash, or even chewing some sugar-free gum, in a pinch.

However, for others, chronic bad breath can be a sign of something more serious. Today, we want to talk about some of the causes of bad breath and some of the ways that Dr. Ghimire and the rest of our team here at Paris Mountain Dental treat it.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath has a variety of causes. Sometimes, it’s as simple as the food we eat. But other times, bad breath is the result of a more serious health condition.

  • Smoking is known to cause bad breath. Additionally, smoking increases your risk of developing gum disease, which is another source of bad breath.
  • Dry mouth can also cause bad breath, as it indicates that your saliva production has decreased. A variety of medications list dry mouth as a side effect.
  • More serious conditions such as tonsil stones, chronic inflammation, and cancer are also known to cause bad breath.
  • How Do I Fix Bad Breath?

    If you notice any sudden or severe changes with your breath, let Dr. Ghimire know during your next dental visit. Dr. Ghimire will diagnose your issue, and then come up with a treatment plan.

  • For some patients, a more thorough preventive care routine (brushing twice daily for two minutes each time and flossing every day) will solve the problem.
  • For almost all of our patients who complain about bad breath, we recommend increasing their water intake. Water cleans your teeth in between brushing, and helps you stay hydrated to ensure that your saliva is functioning properly.
  • For others, Dr. Ghimire may prescribe a mouth spray that increases saliva production and can eliminate dry mouth.
  • If it turns out that your bad breath is a result of gum disease or another more serious issue, Dr. Ghimire will treat the underlying issue in order to fix your bad breath.
  • Contact our office to ask any additional questions about bad breath or to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Ghimire.

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