Is It Safe to Pull Your Own Tooth?

Illustration of special dental tools extracting a tooth

There are so many DIY solutions floating around on the internet. From how to create your own household cleaner to repairing certain things around the home without calling in outside help, some DIY recommendations are more manageable and helpful than others. One dental-related DIY job we’ve heard about is to perform a tooth extraction at home.

The Risks of Pulling Your Own Teeth

If your tooth is causing you agonizing pain, you shouldn’t remove it yourself unless you are experiencing some sort of bizarre scenario, like Tom Hanks stranded on an island in the movie Cast Away. If you have reasonable access to a reputable dentist, you should seek care for severe tooth pain as soon as possible.

Pulling a permanent tooth at home will be extremely painful and will significantly increase your chance of getting an infection. You don’t have the necessary tools and medication to properly numb and clean the area like we do in our dental office. In your effort to remove the tooth, you could wind up breaking the tooth (making it more difficult to remove) or damaging the surrounding teeth, or even your jawbone. Now instead of just one problematic tooth, you have even more dental issues!

Pulling Out Baby Teeth

So what about pulling out baby teeth? Maybe when you were a kid you remember your sibling, parent, or grandparent yanking out your loose teeth and now you want to help your child with their wiggly teeth. Regardless of whether you survived the experience as a child, it’s not a good idea to try and pull out your child’s baby tooth. Pulling a loose baby tooth can be painful and cause unnecessary bleeding and trauma to your child’s mouth.

Instead, encourage your child to wiggle their baby tooth with a clean finger or tissue. Baby teeth will fall out when they are ready. Something as simple as biting down on an apple can nudge them out completely when they are very loose. If you’re concerned that your child’s baby tooth isn’t falling out, consult with our team.

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