How Do Root Cavities Occur in Teeth?

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We know that cavities can occur on the surface of our teeth. But did you know that they can also appear at the root of the teeth below the gumline? To help you avoid root decay, we want to share this information on root cavities.

What Is a Root Cavity?

Root cavities occur on the root surfaces of your teeth. This typically results from gum disease, receding gums, or aging conditions that lead to gum changes or recession. Cavities on the root of teeth are severe and aggressive. They tend to grow at a more rapid pace than typical cavities, and often go unnoticed by the patient, which causes them to worsen. These types of cavities put patients at higher risk for infection, toothaches, and nerve pain.

Who Gets Root Cavities?

Older adults are more susceptible to root cavities. The aging process takes a toll on teeth, leading to enamel degradation and gum recession. Medications can also cause dry mouth. For this reason, older adults need to be extremely diligent about caring for their teeth to prevent root cavities. This includes brushing and flossing every day, limiting carbohydrate and sugar intake, and seeing the dentist every six months to make sure no new cavities have presented. If you tend to have dry mouth, drink plenty of water to make sure the teeth are getting rinsed after every meal.

What to Do If You Have a Root Cavity?

If you notice any new pain, infection, or changes to your oral health, we want to discover the cause and treat it as soon as possible so you don’t face greater pain or problems in the future. Always take mouth pain seriously. Don’t put off existing issues since they could worsen quickly.

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