When Are Dental Bridges Necessary?

Illustration showing a dental bridge.

When you are missing multiple teeth in a row, it can be difficult to chew, talk, or smile with confidence. Dental bridges are a restorative option that can fill in the gaps left by multiple missing teeth. Paris Mountain Dental offers dental bridges as part of our restorative services. If you are missing teeth, a dental bridge might be the best option for you.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are designed to replace multiple missing teeth in a row. They are composed of realistic-looking false teeth which are usually made of ceramic or porcelain. The bridge is secured on either side by permanent teeth or dental implants topped with dental crowns. Dental bridges are designed specifically for each individual patient to naturally fill in their smile.

Process for Dental Bridges

The dental bridge procedure usually takes place over the course of two appointments. During your initial consultation, you and Dr. Ghimire will determine if a dental bridge is the right option for your needs and budget. Next, our team will take impressions of your teeth so that the bridge will be custom made for your smile. You may also receive a temporary bridge while your permanent bridge gets made.

During your second appointment, we will place your permanent bridge in your mouth and make any necessary adjustments to it. You will also receive instructions on how to properly care for your bridge. Dental bridges can last up to ten years when cared for well!

Affordable Dental Bridges in Travelers Rest, SC

Wondering if a dental bridge is the best option for you? The best way to find out is to set up a consultation with Paris Mountain Dental. If a dental bridge won’t solve the problem with your teeth, we’ll find a restorative option that will! We look forward to your visit.

A dental bridge can fill the gaps in your smile!