When Should a Tooth Be Extracted?

Masked dental professionals with tools for a dental extraction are looking down on the patient.

We always try to save a natural tooth if we can. That often means performing a root canal, but this therapy is not always the best option for all teeth or all scenarios. Sometimes, tooth extraction ends up being better for your health. When would you need a tooth removed? Here are the most common reasons.

Excessive Trauma or Decay

If a tooth has been severely damaged or decayed, taking it out is the best choice. Decay is preventable when you take good care of your teeth and visit the dentist. To avoid dental trauma, wear a mouthguard when you play sports and chew hard foods carefully. However, sometimes accidents happen and an extraction is necessary.

Gum Disease Damage

Severe gum disease makes your gums pull away from your teeth. This causes teeth to become loose. Gum disease can also cause bone loss and infections. Rather than waiting for your teeth to fall out, a clean extraction is better. You can avoid gum disease by brushing, flossing, and coming in for professional cleanings twice a year.

Crowded or Impacted Teeth

Sometimes crowded teeth damage your smile. Teeth that are too close together are harder to clean, which makes them more vulnerable to decay. They can also grind against each other. Impacted teeth refer to teeth that haven’t erupted properly. Wisdom teeth are often impacted, so it’s common to need some or all removed.

Dental Extractions at Paris Mountain Dental

If Dr. Ghimire decides a tooth extraction is the best choice for your health, our Travelers Rest team will ensure that the experience is as comfortable as possible. A topical anesthetic is always applied, so you may feel pressure when the tooth is pulled, but no pain. If you’re nervous, we also offer nitrous oxide sedation. For a smooth healing process, we’ll provide you with detailed aftercare instructions for the next 2-3 days of recovery. Wondering if you need an extraction or want to know more about our other services? Please contact us today!

We make tooth extractions as comfortable as possible.