The Advantages of Clear Aligner Therapy

Trio of images showing the progress of clear aligner therapy

Are you are contemplating straightening your smile? Consider using Clear Aligner Therapy to do it. At Paris Mountain Dental we’re proud to offer clear aligners to our patients along with a number of options to make it affordable. Here’s some information about how it works and why people love it.

How Clear Aligners Work

Clear aligner therapy straightens your teeth using clear, plastic aligners instead of the traditional wires and brackets. We will create custom aligners that fit snuggly over your teeth. Computer software accurately identifies what must be done to correct your particular misalignment issues. Then, the aligners apply gentle pressure to the areas that need straightening and push your teeth into place. You need to wear the clear aligners for between 20 and 22 hours every day. Every few weeks you will swap out your aligners for new ones. The new aligners will continue to move your teeth further into place once the older set have done their job. You’ll receive numerous aligners at one time so fewer visits are needed to the office. Wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves talking about the benefits. . .

The Advantages Of Clear Aligner Therapy

One of the greatest benefits of clear aligners is that they are virtually invisible. This eliminates the self consciousness that people, especially adults, sometimes feel while straightening their teeth. Additionally, the aligners are removable! Therefore, you can take them out for short periods of time. No more embarrassment if you have a special event like a job interview, a wedding or a family photo. You can remove them while eating so food doesn’t get stuck in them. Plus, you can take them out to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth. Maintaining good dental hygiene is easier. Also, although you may feel a little pressure when you switch to the new set of aligners, they don’t hurt. Sometimes wearers of traditional braces experience quite a bit of discomfort when they get their braces put on or tightened. Lastly, aligner therapy often takes less time, depending on your straightening needs.

If you think you may be a good candidate for Clear Aligner Therapy, give us a call and we’ll schedule a consultation.