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Same-day dental crowns are durable and fast dental restorations that can offer patients a newly restored smile in a single morning or afternoon—no temporary crowns required! If you’re interested in utilizing a same-day crown to enhance your smile, please contact our office. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and determine if you are a good candidate for a one-visit crown.

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What are the benefits of one-visit crowns?

Our same-day porcelain crowns offer a number of excellent benefits. Patients tend to like one-visit crowns because they:

  • Restore teeth in one appointment
  • Save money, time, and trips to our office
  • Blend in flawlessly with surrounding teeth
  • Fit securely, which helps prevent tooth decay
  • Don’t require ill-fitting temporary crowns

How are one-visit crowns made?

The first step in the process involves reshaping the tooth so that the crown can fit over it without looking or feeling bulky. Digital impressions will be taken and sent to our onsite milling machine. CAD technology is then used to transform the impressions into a custom crown that will fit perfectly and blend in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth. The crown is then created and adhered to the tooth. We will make any final modifications necessary to ensure that the crown will be comfortable to eat and speak with. Then, you’re free to show off your new smile!

Are same-day dental crowns expensive?

There are many different factors that go into determining the price of a custom dental crown, but CEREC crowns tend to be similar in price to traditional crowns. Since crowns are often a necessary restorative treatment, many insurance plans offer full or partial coverage for dental crowns. Our practice also offers a Dental Savers Plan and accepts payment plans through CareCredit®, which can make one-visit crowns more budget-friendly for patients. For more information, we recommend visiting our financial page.

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