Debunking Myths about Fluoride

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Fluoride is highly recommended due to its protective and strengthening action on the teeth. Fluoride, a natural mineral, helps prevent dental cavities. Though effective in preventing decay, there are several misconceptions surrounding fluoride. Below, we debunk 3 myths about fluoride to help you learn about its benefits!

Myth 1 – Fluoride Is Harmful to Health

It is likely that you have heard fluoride is harmful to health. However, like everything else, excess use is the key to the equation. The American Dental Association and many other dental organizations endorse the use of fluoride in dental care.

The recommended amount of fluoride in toothpaste and drinking water is carefully regulated to ensure its benefits while avoiding any potential risks. At our dental office, we carefully monitor and measure fluoride treatments.

Myth 2 – Fluoride is Only Beneficial for Children

Another common myth is that fluoride is only necessary for children. While it is true that fluoride is essential for developing teeth, it continues to offer benefits throughout our lives.

Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and helps to repair the early stages of tooth decay in adults. It also aids in remineralization, reversing the damage caused by acid attacks on the teeth. Many kinds of toothpaste have fluoride, which people of all ages use and benefit from!

Myth 3 – All Water Sources Contain Sufficient Fluoride

Some people believe that fluoride is naturally present in all water sources, eliminating the need for additional fluoride treatments or products. However, this is not always the case.

While some communities have naturally occurring fluoride in their water supply, many do not. By visiting a dentist near you, you can discover whether or not your water supply contains fluoride. If it does not, then fluoride treatments can be highly beneficial.

Preventive Dental Treatments in Travelers Rest, SC

The addition of fluoride to dental products, water, and dental treatments is highly beneficial. By learning about fluoride, you’re learning about how to aid and protect your oral health. If you’re interested in fluoride treatment, sealants, or other ways to maintain a healthy smile for years to come, contact our dental office in Travelers Rest, SC!