Can Sinus Issues Cause Tooth Pain?

Man tiredly holds his cheek in his hand due to tooth pain from sinusitis

The sinuses are several pairs of air-filled sacs in your skull behind your forehead, eyes, cheeks, and nasal bones connected by narrow passages. Mucus is able to drain out of healthy sinuses, allowing air to flow freely. Sinusitis occurs when these air-filled sacs become blocked and filled with fluid due to inflammation, swelling, and buildup from allergens, viruses, bacteria, fungus, or abnormal anatomy like a facial bone spur.

Most patients will experience some sort of sinus discomfort in their lifetime due to allergies, a cold, a change in altitude, and/or a deviated nasal septum. Symptoms can include a headache, nasal congestion and discharge, sore throat and postnasal drip, fever, a cough that is worse at night, fatigue and malaise, bad breath, loss of smell, facial tenderness, and pressure-like pain behind the eyes and in the teeth.

Are My Sinuses Causing My Tooth Pain?

It is possible for sinusitis to contribute to tooth pain. Therefore, your tooth pain could be due to a problem with your sinuses, particularly if your pain is in the upper back molars and/or accompanied by other symptoms. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for tooth pain caused by sinusitis to change. Bending over, for example, can intensify your pain and cause it to be felt simultaneously in multiple teeth.

The best way to know what’s causing your tooth pain is to visit your dentist so they can give the painful tooth a thorough examination. If they suspect the pain isn’t coming from an oral problem, they will likely suggest you visit your primary care provider for additional insight.

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