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When Should a Tooth Be Extracted?

Masked dental professionals with tools for a dental extraction are looking down on the patient.

We always try to save a natural tooth if we can. That often means performing a root canal, but this therapy is not always the best option for all teeth or all scenarios. Sometimes, tooth extraction ends up being better for your health. When would you need a tooth removed? Here are the most common reasons.

Excessive Trauma or Decay

If a tooth has been severely damaged or decayed, taking it out is the best choice. Decay is preventable when you take good care of your teeth and visit the dentist. To avoid dental trauma, wear a mouthguard when you play sports and chew hard foods carefully. However, sometimes accidents happen and an extraction is necessary.

Gum Disease Damage

Severe gum disease makes your gums pull away from your teeth. This causes teeth to become loose. Gum disease can also cause bone loss and infections. Rather than waiting for your teeth to fall out, a clean extraction is better. You can avoid gum disease by brushing, flossing, and coming in for professional cleanings twice a year.

Crowded or Impacted Teeth

Sometimes crowded teeth damage your smile. Teeth that are too close together are harder to clean, which makes them more vulnerable to decay. They can also grind against each other. Impacted teeth refer to teeth that haven’t erupted properly. Wisdom teeth are often impacted, so it’s common to need some or all removed.

Dental Extractions at Paris Mountain Dental

If Dr. Ghimire decides a tooth extraction is the best choice for your health, our Travelers Rest team will ensure that the experience is as comfortable as possible. A topical anesthetic is always applied, so you may feel pressure when the tooth is pulled, but no pain. If you’re nervous, we also offer nitrous oxide sedation. For a smooth healing process, we’ll provide you with detailed aftercare instructions for the next 2-3 days of recovery. Wondering if you need an extraction or want to know more about our other services? Please contact us today!

We make tooth extractions as comfortable as possible.


How to Maintain Healthy Gums

Graphic showing the stages of gum disease.

You can’t have healthy teeth without healthy gums as their foundation! Maintaining healthy gums is one of the most simple and powerful ways to boost your oral health. Here are Paris Mountain Dental’s top tips for maintaining healthy gums.

1. Floss

Flossing is one of the best ways to keep your gums healthy. Plaque, food particles, and bacteria can get trapped in the tight spaces under your gum line, and can’t be removed through simple brushing. Flossing helps remove bacteria from under the gum line to keep them clean and prevent gum disease, which starts with gum inflammation, swelling, bleeding, and pain.

2. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is extremely damaging to your health, and is one of the leading causes of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and many more deadly ailments. Smoking begins in your mouth, and the harmful chemicals in cigarettes can cause dry mouth and increased bacteria growth, accelerating your chances of developing gum disease.

3. Eat a Balanced Diet

Diets that are high in sugars, starches, and acid speed up the development of cavities and decay. Eating a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, protein, and fiber supports healthy saliva production and naturally curbs bacteria growth.

4. Have a Consistent Oral Hygiene Regimen

One of the most simple and powerful ways to maintain your oral health is by brushing and flossing your teeth thoroughly twice a day. If you use a fluoridated toothpaste, even better! Consistent brushing and flossing helps keep your teeth and gums free of bacteria.

5. Visit Your Dentist Twice a Year

Dentists and dental hygienists are specially trained in detecting oral health issues even before they’re visible. They can perform any necessary deep cleanings using professional tools to keep your gums clear of tartar and buildup. At Paris Mountain Dental, we offer a suite of preventive services designed to improve your oral health.

Comprehensive Dentistry in Travelers Rest, SC

Our staff is committed to helping you have a healthy, beautiful smile, starting with strong gums. Whether you need a preventive or more advanced, custom treatment to suit your needs, we’re here for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment and take a look at our financial page to learn more about our flexible financing options.

Healthy gums are the foundation of a healthy smile.


How Do Dental Anesthetics Work?

A woman at the dentist wearing a mask to administer nitrous oxide.

Dental anesthetics are designed to help you feel at ease during your dental treatment. This might include numbing the area around the tooth or soothing you into a light sleep. Dental anxiety affects millions of people, but it shouldn’t hold you back from getting access to the treatments that keep you healthy and safe. Paris Mountain Dental offers a few different types of anesthetic and sedation options to accommodate different kinds of patients and treatments. Below is a breakdown of each option we offer and what makes it unique.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, which is also called “laughing gas” is a sweet-smelling, colorless gas. We administer it through a soft mask to help you feel relaxed and in a carefree state of mind during your treatment. The effects of laughing gas are almost immediate as you take a few deep breaths in. Likewise, the effects of nitrous oxide wear off almost immediately after we remove the mask. After a few minutes, you should feel like your old self again and can safely drive yourself home.


Many times, your dentist will numb the surrounding areas of your tooth with a novocaine injection. But if you’re afraid of needles, that simply isn’t an option. Luckily, we offer DentalVibe® technology. This sends out a wave of small vibrations that numb the area without the use of needles!

Topical Anesthesia

Topical anesthesia is a gel or cream that is applied to the area around the tooth to numb it. The most you will feel is pressure within the area during treatment, but not much else!

Is Dental Anesthesia Safe for Everyone?

Yes! And before we move forward with any type of sedation or treatment plan, we will review your medical history and current circumstances to make sure you’ll be safe throughout your treatment.

Sedation Dentistry in Travelers Rest, SC

If you suffer from dental anxiety or just want to feel a little more comfortable during your treatment, know you’ll be in good hands at Paris Mountain Dental! Apart from anesthesia, we also provide a comfortable, relaxing office environment, with amenities like candles and aromatherapy and soft pillows and blankets. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with us, call our office or schedule an appointment by clicking the contact link. Be sure to check out our flexible financing options before you visit us, too.

We use dental anesthesia to keep you comfortable during your treatment!


How Clear Aligners Work

Smiling woman with curly hair holds a clear aligner in front of her face.

Clear aligner therapy is a revolutionary teeth straightening method. Aligner therapy utilizes retainer-like trays to straighten teeth. But how do aligners straighten teeth? It’s a valid question that many patients ask when considering aligners. Keep reading to learn more about how they work and what they can do for your smile!

What Is Clear Aligner Therapy?

Unlike traditional metal braces, clear aligner therapy uses clear, plastic trays to straighten teeth over time. To create the aligner series, dentists utilize digital scanners to create a 3D model of the teeth. With the model, a series of aligners are designed to move teeth incrementally over the treatment period. Clear aligners use gentle force to push teeth into their desired positions. Each new aligner tray gets you closer to the finish line!

How Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth

Clear aligners are worn for one to two weeks at a time. They are specifically designed to not fit perfectly so that they can push the teeth gently into their new positions. After one to two weeks, patients swap out their current trays for a new set. These are worn until the teeth have adjusted to fit in the newest trays. This cycle continues until the preferred smile results are achieved! Aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours a day to stay on the estimated treatment timeline.

Benefits of Clear Aligner Therapy

Wondering if clear aligner therapy is the right choice for you? This advanced orthodontic treatment provides a wide array of perks for patients!

  • Aligners are removed before eating
  • You can easily brush & floss
  • Subtle appearance
  • Smooth, comfortable aligners
  • Minimal pain & discomfort
  • Fewer appointments
  • Reduced treatment time on average

Clear Aligner Therapy in Travelers Rest

Ready to achieve your dream smile without having a mouth full of metal? At Paris Mountain Dental, we are pleased to offer clear aligner therapy. We love watching our patients gain a straight, beautiful smile without having to deal with the stress or embarrassment of braces. Please contact us to schedule your orthodontic consultation!

Discreetly straighten your teeth with clear aligners!


Chronic Diseases & Dental Health

Chronic diseases can have an impact on your dental health. Fifty percent of people have a chronic condition and 25% of adults have two or more, according to The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. It’s essential to let your dentist know if you have a chronic disease. Read on for a couple of the conditions that Dr. Ghimire and the Paris Mountain Dental team will want to know about to better care for you when you visit our Travelers Rest office.


Diabetes doesn’t just affect your blood sugar. People with diabetes are more likely to develop dental issues like gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss. It also may take longer for mouth infections to heal. The good news is that taking care of your oral health can improve diabetes control. You should let your dentist know if you are diabetic and when was the last time you took insulin.

High Blood Pressure

Chronic high blood pressure can have an impact on your dental health. Medication to control your blood pressure could have a side effect of gingival enlargement. This is where your gums swell and grow over your teeth. Even if you don’t experience this side effect, you’ll still want to let your dentist know if you have high blood pressure. Local anesthesia or numbing cream could potentially raise your blood pressure therefore it’s important to keep Dr. Ghimire informed about your condition and medications.

Cardiovascular Disease

If you have heart disease it might be necessary to take antibiotics before some dental procedures to protect your heart from potential bacterial infections. Additionally, heart medications can impact your oral health so it’s always important to let your dentist know what type of prescriptions you are using.

How Can You Protect Your Oral Health?

Regardless of any chronic disease, you can save yourself from future dental health problems by taking care of your teeth. Everyone benefits from a proper dental hygiene routine. Here are a few tasks that should be part of your daily hygiene routine.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss daily
  • Use mouthwash after brushing and flossing
  • Schedule regular dental checkups
  • Avoid using tobacco products
  • Comprehensive Services at Paris Mountain Dental

    Patients of all ages receive quality dental care at Paris Mountain Dental. Our hardworking and caring team can help with a variety of dental issues. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment. We look forward to taking care of your smile.

    Protect your oral health with a good hygiene routine!


    Dental Crowns Myths & Facts

    Illustration of preparation steps for a dental crown.

    If you have one or more teeth that have suffered from severe damage or decay, a dental crown could be the procedure you need to save your smile. Dental crowns restore not just the function, but also the appearance of your teeth. Millions of people have benefitted from this procedure, however, there are still a lot of misconceptions floating around. To help set the record straight, we looked into the most common myths about dental crowns.

    Myth #1: Getting dental crowns is a painful process.

    Fear of pain is often one of the biggest reasons people put off dental procedures, even when they’re badly needed. Fortunately, modern dentistry makes use of dental sedatives to make the process comfortable and stress-free.

    Myth #2: Dental crowns look unnatural.

    Porcelain or ceramic are most often used to make dental crowns. They offer a durable and natural appearance, and we go even further by using an impression of your tooth to make sure that the crown will fit in with your smile. They can blend in so well, that friends and family won’t even notice.

    Myth #3: Dental crowns are prone to stains.

    Dental crowns are actually more resistant to staining than your natural teeth. It’s worth keeping in mind however that crowns can’t be put through whitening treatments. Fortunately, they’ll still benefit from regular professional teeth cleanings.

    Myth #4: Fillings are a valid substitute for dental crowns.

    Fillings can sometimes prevent you from needing a crown, but they need to be done very early on. If tooth decay has advanced past a certain point, a crown will be necessary to stabilize the tooth.

    Myth #5: Dental crowns are too expensive.

    The actual cost of dental crowns can vary quite a bit depending on factors unique to the patient. Fortunately, dental insurance often offsets the costs associated with dental crowns. At Paris Mountain Dental we also offer affordable treatment options including our Dental Savers Plan. Most importantly we want to work with you to make sure you can get the treatment you need. Contact us in Travelers Rest to schedule your dental crown.

    Dental crowns are a great tooth repair solution!


    Dental Insurance 101: Understanding Your Policy’s Terminology

    Hands on a keyboard below a computer screen showing dental insurance information.

    At Paris Mountain Dental, we understand that dental insurance can be confusing. Not only is it completely different from medical insurance, but policies can use strange terminology that can leave you scratching your head. Today, we want to shed some light on dental insurance so you can maximize your dental benefits.

    How Are Dental HMOs & PPOs Different?

    The first step in understanding your dental insurance is learning what type of plan you have.

    PPO Plans

    If you have a PPO, you’ll probably have higher out-of-pocket costs for treatment. On the plus side, you’ll have the flexibility to select your primary dentist. You can also see dental specialists without needing a referral from your primary provider.

    HMO Plans

    HMO plans are usually lower cost, with a focus on preventive care. They will incentivize you to get regular dental cleanings and exams. However, you will have less choice when selecting your dentist, and you’ll need a referral to any specialist.

    Does It Matter If a Provider is “Out of Network”?

    With medical plans, a provider that is out of network usually will not be covered. With dental plans, this may not be the case. Some plans still cover out of network providers, but at a lower percentage of the treatment. Paris Mountain Dental accepts both in network and out of network insurance providers.

    What Type of Treatments Does Dental Insurance Cover?

    Most dental plans provide different levels of coverage depending on the type of treatment. For example, routine preventive care like dental cleanings, exams, and X-rays are typically fully covered. Basic procedures like fillings and root canals are generally covered at around 80 percent. Other major procedures, like crowns or bridges, may be covered at around 50 percent.

    Insurance Help in Travelers Rest

    Still can’t make sense of your dental plan? Paris Mountain Dental recommends that all of our patients read through their dental plans to make sure they’re taking advantage of all their benefits. However, we know that dental plans can be hard to understand. Our team is always available to answer questions about your plan and to help you strategize to maximize your benefits.

    Paris Mountain Dental Savers Plan

    If you don’t have dental insurance, please look into our Dental Savers Plan! Members pay an annual fee for the discount plan which includes preventive services and discounts on other services. You can join as an individual or pay for a family membership. The Dental Savers Plan eliminates the hassles and confusion associated with dental insurance. To ask us any questions or schedule an appointment, call us today!

    We can help you navigate your insurance coverage!


    Is It Safe To Go to the Dentist in the Middle of a Pandemic?

    Graphic showing numerous covid-19 safety procedures including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and goggles.

    This past year, our lives were disrupted in unprecedented ways due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has changed the way we socialize, the way we shop, and the way we stay healthy. Our team at Paris Mountain Dental has been diligent about updating safety and cleanliness procedures so that you and your family can feel safe going to the dentist in the middle of the pandemic.

    New Infection Control Procedures

    Our new infection control procedures are designed to ensure that you and your family stay safe and healthy while getting the quality dental care you need. From the way you schedule appointments to your time inside our office, we’ve worked to implement recommendations from the American Dental Association, the CDC, and OSHA so you can feel confident visiting our office.

    For example, we pre-screen all of our patients before their appointments. The office has plenty of hand sanitizer available and we have limited the amenities we offer in our waiting room to make things easier to clean and disinfect. We ask our patients to wait in their car until their appointment time and are scheduling appointments to allow for social distancing. Patients are also asked to wear masks while in our office.

    Is Visiting the Dentist Safe During COVID-19?

    Even during a pandemic, it is important to keep up with your regular dental appointments with Dr. Ghimire and our team. Regular visits to our office allow us to keep an eye on the health of your teeth and to diagnose and treat any potential issues before they develop into serious problems. Professional cleanings every six months prevent cavities and gum disease. To ask our team any questions about our pandemic protocol, give us a call.

    Preventive Care in Travelers Rest, SC

    Paris Mountain Dental is here to help you maintain good oral health. We understand that the disruptions to regular routines caused by the pandemic have knocked some people off their hygiene habits. If you are working or attending school from home, it’s easy to stay in pajamas and neglect morning oral care. More stress snacking has also made good oral hygiene at home more important than ever. Make sure you’re brushing your teeth twice daily for two minutes each time and flossing each day to keep your pearly whites healthy and strong. If you are due for a six month preventive exam and cleaning, give us a call to schedule your next appointment!

    We have new protocols to ensure your safety!


    How to Prepare My Child for Their First Dental Visit

    A blonde haired toddler boy sits in the dental chair with his teddy bear before his first visit to the dentist.

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child get their first dental visit when they turn one or get their first tooth. This may seem early, but getting your child on a path to good oral health starts when they are very young. Many parents get anxious about taking their child to the dentist for the first time. There are some easy ways to prepare for a dental appointment.

    Schedule an Appointment When Your Child Is Alert

    Your appointment will go more smoothly if your child is awake and happy. Avoid making an appointment during a time when they are usually taking a nap or feeling hungry. If they feel cranky or tired, this could lead them to have a poor reaction to the dentist. We’ve found that children tend to do well with morning appointments, but this all depends on your individual child.

    Talk Positively About the Dentist

    If your child is older, talk to them about what to expect at the dentist. There are a lot of storybooks available at the local library about trips to the dentist. Integrating some of these into your child’s bedtime routine for the few weeks before their visit can help them understand what a visit to the dentist is all about. Another thing to think about is that children can easily pick up on their parents’ worries. If you have any dental anxieties, don’t unknowingly pass them onto your child. Our office has some amenities specifically designed for kids so you might discuss the office’s playroom or TVs in the treatment rooms. You can stop by for a quick tour before the actual visit if you think it would help your child feel more comfortable.

    Prepare Yourself for the Appointment

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget that YOU need to prepare for your child’s first appointment too. Be prepared to be your child’s moral support during their visit. It’s important to stay calm even if your child is making a fuss. Dr. Ghimire and our team are used to working with kids and we have the training to identify any worries and make children feel comfortable. It may also be helpful to you to prepare any paperwork beforehand. This will make your day less stressful since you only have to focus on your child during the appointment. Our new patient forms are all available online.

    Dentistry for Kids at Paris Mountain Dental

    We believe that children must develop oral hygiene skills early on in life, ensuring that they will achieve lifelong success with their oral health. If it’s time for your child to visit the dentist, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to meeting you and your child and getting them on the road to good oral health.

    We look forward to your child’s first dental visit!


    Signs You Need a Nightguard

    Photo of a nightguard to manage bruxism or teeth grinding.

    Do you grind your teeth? Because most of those who suffer from bruxism clench and grind while they are fast asleep, it may seem like it is a hard issue to diagnose. In reality though, the signs of this condition are pretty apparent. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the signs that you may need a nightguard.

    Morning Headaches

    The occasional morning headache may not have anything to do with your oral health, but if you’re regularly waking up with unexplainable headaches in the morning, well, we can likely explain that! When you clench and grind your teeth in your sleep, you’re putting stress on the muscles in your face, leaving them tense and sore in the morning. A nightguard will help you reduce some of the pressure you’re inadvertently putting on your muscles.

    Jaw Pain

    The tension you’re causing in your facial and jaw muscles can also lead to a disorder that affects the joint at the hinge of your jaw, known as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This disorder can cause a lot of pain and sensitivity and can even make speaking and eating difficult and uncomfortable.

    Tooth Damage

    During your regular dental exams, Dr. Ghimire will look for excessive wear on the surface of your teeth which is a sure sign you’re suffering from bruxism. If the issue is allowed to persist, this surface wear can lead to tooth pain and sensitivity, and even chipping or cracking of the tooth.

    Nightguards to Treat Bruxism in Travelers Rest, SC

    If you are feeling the effects of teeth grinding and clenching, we’re here to help! In a few easy steps, we can fit you with a completely custom nightguard that will revolutionize your sleep habits. Don’t sleep on this solution, call our office to get started today!

    We can help you put an end to teeth grinding!